What do you get from a Rudder Bows Archery product?

Quality, Beauty, Responsibility, Selection!

Quality at a great Price


Our founder, bowyer Jim Boswell, has perfected techniques that allow us to offer a handmade product, produced quickly and efficiently leading to great prices.

Beauty in Power


Every Rudder Bows employee is proud of work we do. The bow, beyond a powerful weapon that has conquered nations and fed millions, is in itself a work of art when crafted with an eye toward detail.

Ecological Responsibility


No rainforests were harmed in the making of these bows. We at Rudder Bows Archery have walked away from unsustainable and rare woods like Ipe and Yew for sustainable, farm raised woods. All our wood products, bows and arrows, are ecologically responsible.



Rudder Bows offers an array of longbows for target shooting and hunting as well as fantasy and historically accurate bows. If you are looking for a solid long lasting hunting or competition weight bow we have you covered. Are you looking for something extreme? How about an English style warbow available in weights well up over one hundred pounds? In youth bows we offer several styles. Nearly all our bows are also available in a you finish form, as a floor tillerd stave, or in kit form and we are constantly expanding our range of bow building tools and natural Rudder Bows Archery arrows.


If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for please contact us and we will hook you up directly with a dealer that has what you want in stock.

Remember: tell them you want a Rudder Bows product!